Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1st Water Marbling

Hello everybody! Have you ever heard of water marbling? First, you have to prep your nails with a base. Then you drip different colours of polish onto the water and quickly designing them using a toothpick or orange stick. You have to imprint the designs onto your nails before the surface dries. It really hard to explain here and it is better if you see the video to learn this technique. I found this technique from Colette through youtube. You have to see her marbling posts. She is an expert in this field! Well, she is going through a tough period now so please be understanding if her posts are not regular.

I was really amazed when I found out this technique! So much that I wanted to try out immediately. I did this design with my then boyfriend and we really liked it. I felt it turned out pretty awesome given that it was my first time. What so fascinating about this design is that it glows under black (UV) light! The colours used here are L.A. Girl Can You Dig It?, Turntable and Nfu Oh C040 (made in China). My nails are all prepped with one coat of Turntable.