Friday, December 30, 2011

11. The Grinch

Good afternoon everybody! Does anyone of you watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas before? This is yet another movie that I cannot recall the story but am sure that I've caught it before! It was voiced by Jim Carrey (again)! Oh dear, my memory is failing me. I remember the Grinch had a tragic past and eventually harbour a lot of hatred in him. After learning that the Christmas means much more than merely material gifts, he decided to redeem himself and start anew. Do you hate Christmas and spend this day alone?  Grab some friends and do a little catching up. You might just love this joyous occasion!

The base used here is Orly Mandalay Ruby with China Glaze Red In The Red on the tips. It is more of a 'dragging down from the tips' than a gradient effect. The base on the ring finger is China Glaze Gaga For Green. Orly Lemonade and Etude House in French Black.


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