Saturday, December 31, 2011

12. Santa Claus

Good afternoon everybody! Today I represent you the last mani of the challenge which is the Santa Claus! This is a very simple mani! It is Santa's red suit with all the white stuff and his black belt! I added a bit of gold as the buckle. I got this design on google and a few similar ones came up. I don't know which is the original source to credit to. Do let me know if you know which is the original source.

The base used here is Orly Mandalay Ruby and French Tips. It is completed with China Glaze Liquid Leather and Orly Glitz.

Friday, December 30, 2011

11. The Grinch

Good afternoon everybody! Does anyone of you watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas before? This is yet another movie that I cannot recall the story but am sure that I've caught it before! It was voiced by Jim Carrey (again)! Oh dear, my memory is failing me. I remember the Grinch had a tragic past and eventually harbour a lot of hatred in him. After learning that the Christmas means much more than merely material gifts, he decided to redeem himself and start anew. Do you hate Christmas and spend this day alone?  Grab some friends and do a little catching up. You might just love this joyous occasion!

The base used here is Orly Mandalay Ruby with China Glaze Red In The Red on the tips. It is more of a 'dragging down from the tips' than a gradient effect. The base on the ring finger is China Glaze Gaga For Green. Orly Lemonade and Etude House in French Black.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

10. Christmas Tree

Good evening everybody! It is still the Christmas season now although 25th is over! Do you celebrate Christmas with a Christmas tree? Most households in American have a Christmas tree at home. They decorate it with colourful lights and decorations, completing it with a big star on the very top of the tree.

This is a simple gradient mani done using OPI Passion as the base, followed by L.A. Girl Nostalgic and China Glaze Love Marilyn. This design shows the main colours of a Christmas tree which are green and red.

With flash under sunlight:

Without flash:

Thanks Kimberly Low for this surprise Christmas card! It really made my day!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

9. Dickens Christmas Carol

Hello everybody! I had been really busy the last few days attending Christmas parties and all! Today, I have the 9th mani of the challenge and it is Dickens Christmas carol! Initially, I have no idea what story is this but while browsing through HBO, I stumble upon A Christmas Carol voiced by Jim Carrey. And YES!! I've watched it before in the cinema and it was in 3D. The story is about a scrooge who hated Christmas. After going through a series of events, he came to appreciate Christmas and the meaning of life. For those who have never read nor heard of this story before, you should catch it!

The base used in this mani is Color Club Golden Girl. OPI Alphine Snow, Orly Lemonade, Color Club Almost Famous, China Glaze Liquid Leather and Concrete Catwalk were used in this mani.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

8. Nightmare Before Christmas

Hello everybody! Merry Christmas! Christmas has always been a busy yet joyful occasion for me. It is the day when Jesus was born. God sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us so that our sins are forgiven. Salvation will be brought upon whoever who believe in Him. I love Christmas because it always makes me happy and for some reason, things always turn out right on this day!

Today's mani is nightmare before Christmas! I love the characters in this movie although I don't remember watching it. The characters are very out of the ordinary and that was what made me interested. I decided to do Jack's suit by using tape. Only OPI Alpine Snow and Color Club Black is used in this mani.

Friday, December 23, 2011

China Glaze Electropop Collection

Hello everybody!! Yesterday was a really awesome day! Firstly, I had nail mail from Rhonni Anaya. They were L.A. Colors Merlot, Art Deco in Black and Silver Glitter and NYX Dorothy! Secondly, my results were released and I scored distinctions for all 4 modules. Then I had a meet up with my secondary school best friend whom I didn't contact for a long time and while shopping with her, I found China Glaze Electropop collection!! I was at a flea market at *Scape which is located beside Cineleisure. When I was browsing through, I spotted Electropop at the corner of my eye.

DAMN! I was so excited that I nearly bought the whole collection. As I was on a low budget, I didn't get Gothic Lolita, Fuchsia Fanatic and Techno. For those of you who are interested in getting OPI and China Glaze at good prices, you can buy them from Frederick at D.Y.O.N International. Last but not least, I purchased Diving In Malaysia and Midnight Crawl at Sephora! Diving In Malaysia is known as a dupe for Chanel Peridot and Midnight Crawl looks like a dupe for Wet N Wild Gray Anatomy.

Ain't it an AWESOME day? Here are the China Glaze polishes swatched on a nail wheel. I didn't take pictures of the other polishes. This collection is totally awesome! These polishes are on the thicker side. Most of them are 1-2 coater. Gaga For Green and Sweet Hook need 3 coats to smooth any bald spots. Electric beat is an exact dupe for Orly Snowcone. I will do a comparison in future. Sunshine Pop is a little more unique than your usual yellow. It has a very subtle shimmer that is not very in your face kind. It is really pretty! This will be a very long and heavy post!

Close up for Sunshine Pop.

From L-R: Sunshine Pop, Make Some Noise, Wicked Style, Gaga For Green, Aquadelic, Kinetic Candy, Sweet Hook, Dance Baby, Electric Beat

L-R: Sweet Hook, Dance Baby, Electric Beat (more blue IRL)

L-R: Kinetic Candy, Aquadelic, Gaga For Green

L-R: Make Some Noise, Wicked Style, Sunshine Pop

Haul from Rhonni! Top with flash and bottom without flash.

Here are the polishes from Sephora! These are all bottle shots and they look very promising! It's Diving In Malaysia on the left and Midnight Crawl on the right.

Taken with flash to show the actual primary colours.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

7. Poinsettias

Good evening everybody! Today, I am doing a post on the 7th mani of the 12 Days Of Christmas Manis challenge which is poinsettias. The first time I heard about poinsettias was China Glaze Poinsettia from the Lei It Snow, Holiday 2011 collection. I only realised what poinsettias are when I googled them for my mani. I feel so silly now. *laughs at myself* They are usually red in colour but are also available in white, yellow, pink and in colour combinations. The "marbled" type is one of the most fascinating. They are mainly used as holiday decorations and gifts during Christmas. Poinsettias are not very popular in Singapore. Are they popular in your country?

The base used here is Make Up Store Greta. Greta is by far the most holo of holos I had ever seen! I did not manage to take pictures in direct sunlight as it had been raining since I came back from China. I will try to update nice holo pictures on Greta next time. The colours used for the designs are Orly Mandalay Ruby, Lemonade, L.A. Girl Turntable, China Glaze Life Preserver and Meteor Shower.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1st Water Marbling

Hello everybody! Have you ever heard of water marbling? First, you have to prep your nails with a base. Then you drip different colours of polish onto the water and quickly designing them using a toothpick or orange stick. You have to imprint the designs onto your nails before the surface dries. It really hard to explain here and it is better if you see the video to learn this technique. I found this technique from Colette through youtube. You have to see her marbling posts. She is an expert in this field! Well, she is going through a tough period now so please be understanding if her posts are not regular.

I was really amazed when I found out this technique! So much that I wanted to try out immediately. I did this design with my then boyfriend and we really liked it. I felt it turned out pretty awesome given that it was my first time. What so fascinating about this design is that it glows under black (UV) light! The colours used here are L.A. Girl Can You Dig It?, Turntable and Nfu Oh C040 (made in China). My nails are all prepped with one coat of Turntable.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

6. Reindeer

Hello everybody!! Today's mani is the reindeer. Reindeers are famous for riding Santa in the skies! They bring Santa from places to places so that he can deliver presents for little good children. Rudolf is known as the red rose reindeer because.. He has a red nose of course! Have you seen a reindeer before?

I realised I should have done a red nose instead of black. This mani is inspired by Rina Alcantara. The base used is OPI You Don't Know Jacques- Suede and the one on the thumb and ring finger is Make Up Store Britta. The designs consist of OPI Alpine Snow, Color Club Black and Positively Posh.

Friday, December 16, 2011

OPI Plum Full Of Cheer

Hello everybody! I just arrived back in Singapore today. Before I flew to China, I was out shopping with my cousins from Kuching, Malaysia. While they were happily shopping, I went on a dusty hunt. I managed to find OPI Plum Full Of Cheer and DS Signature! I paid $30 for the DS. It's pretty expensive here and I'm planning to do a blog sale soon. I had also received OPI DS Desire and Bay Bridge Sunset!! Desire was my number 1 lemming and Chelsea McDonnel found it for me! She's my polish ninja. =DD I got my Bay Bridge Sunset from a swap with Charlene. Ain't my ladies awesome??

Today's mani will be OPI Plum Full Of Cheer. This is part of the OPI Holiday Exclusives (Holi-Daze Collection) for Ulta. Plum Full Of Cheer is a red based purple with shimmer. It is undoubtedly a strong duo-chrome judging from the bottle. When polished on the nails, it looks like a regular shimmer purple. I only managed to catch the duo-chrome in a certain angle. This colour reminds me of NARS Purple Rain. Be warned. This post will be picture heavy!

The duo-chrome in the bottle! I know right..

Duo-chrome on the nails.

 This is the true base colour taken with flash.

This is how it usually looks most of the time. This picture is taken under the sun with flash and the bottom one is without flash.

Taken during the day without direct sunlight.

 OPI DS Signature!!

My biggest lemming, OPI DS Desire!!!!

The very pretty OPI Bay Bridge Sunset From Charlene.