Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What A Buddha-ful Samoan Sand!

Hello everybody! How are you all doing? My week started really well with plenty of good news. First off, I am on leave on the 25th! Again.. This new company is always make me take UNPAID leave because I am on probation now. But the office is closed on the 25th so no pay cut. YAY!. Got a day off is better than none. Then, I got the news that I am finally able to go to Germany with my boyfriend, Jerry, for a holiday. At the same time, I am also going to be introduced to his family and friends, and to experience his life in Germany.

Well, that is a glimpse of my personal life. Initially, I wanted to do a happy colour but I was kind of in the mood for nudes. ON MY NAILS. Don't let your mind wander away.. The mister chose OPI Samoan Sand as it is the most accurate nude shade to my skin colour. It looked really plain, in fact, a little too dull for a simple manicure. Hence, I decided to polish Barielle Buddha-ful over Samoan Sand. It is so beautiful that I did not want to take it off. The flakies are just soooooooo pretty. Look at the pictures and you will understand why. It looks so much better IRL though.

Bottle and macro shot:

Here is what my boyfriend text me when I showed him my nudie nails:

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  1. this is so pretty! buddha-ful is actually on my lemmings list--i cant get enough of flakies!! ^___^