Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello everybody!! I'm so sorry I went missing for so long! First off, I fell really ill over the weekends. I had high fever, flu and sore throat and I felt really terrible. Even today I am still feeling weak. I went to the doctor yesterday to get antibiotics for the flu virus. I hope I'll recover soon!

It's Valentine's Day so.. Happy Valentine's Day! To all of you who are attached, spend some romantic time with your partners. Even though most people tend to be extra romantic on Valentine's Day, I believe that much effort is needed everyday. To single ladies like myself, grab your girlfriends and have a blast! Hit the clubs, paint the town red or spend some quality time over a meal! I haven't done my Valentine mani so I'll be showing you the Valentine mani I did last year. Hope you all don't mind!

The base is Orly Rose-Colored Glasses. The gold and pink colour are actually random glitters I bought from Spotlight. I painted Nfu Oh GS 05 over the gold and pink gradient.