Thursday, February 2, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe + Revlon Midnight Affair

Hello everybody! Today I present you Deborah Lippmann's (DL) Across The Universe (ATU)! ATU is the best polish DL has ever created. It's is a sheer blue jelly with green and blue hexagon glitter and tiny micro glitter that shifts from blue to green! It is very pretty and when I stare at it for too long, it really felt like I was lost in the universe. Since a few coats are needed for ATU to be opaque, I layered it over Revlon Midnight Affair. Midnight Affair is a shimmery dark blue, a perfect base for ATU.

Revlon Midnight Affair:

ATU over Midnight Affair:


  1. Beautiful! I love Midnight Affair it's great for layering polishes over!

  2. It is Laurie! It's also very pretty on it's own. Thank you both!