Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everybody! Leave all the bad past behind and start afresh this year! For those who made terrible mistakes, learn from them and do not let history repeat again. For those who had a good year, I hope you will have a better year in 2012!

2011 wasn't exactly a very good year for me. I had a major break up which really took me a while to get over. Although I have to start from scratch again,I decided to go back to my studies after some serious thought and determination.

Even though the year was tough, it ended with a BIG BANG! *POW WOW* I had completed my 1st term and scored all distinctions. It wasn't expected so I am really very happy and thankful to God. Financially I was doing fine till I met my PLOPers (Peace, Love and Polish)! And I don't really mean it in a very bad way. I bought a lot of HTFs (Hard To Finds) polish and spent really a lot. My polish mummy, Laurie, said that I'm a pimp and hoarder! HAHAH! I really am but I can't help it. It's really hard to find HTFs and go dusty hunting here. I also met local polish bestie, Kimberly Ong, international besties, Heather, Caroline, Jennifer and Kimberly Low. Sorry if I miss out the other ladies. I wish I can list everyone here but you know I love you all! <3

I wanted my new year mani to be super bling or unique but I didn't really have the time to do. So I decided to try some effects. I used China Glaze Liquid Leather as base. Then, I feathered CND Jade Sparkle from the base to about the middle of the nail and 24K Sparkle from the middle to the tips. It is really pretty because there is a colour shift from Jade Sparkle and you can really see the gold flakes from 24K Sparkle.

It usually looks like this in shade.

In broad daylight:

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