Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Marbling For Jasmine

Hello everybody! Today was a very exciting day for me. I had my very first customer ever! Her name is Jasmine and I am doing a water marbling for her. How we met was actually quite funny, in an amazing way though. She was a patient of my father and during her visit, she chatted me up by saying, "I noticed you change your nail colour very often. Do you do them yourself?". From then onwards, we became friends!

So, Jasmine wanted something subtle but yet eye catching for her D&D night. Since her dress is going to be peach in colour, and her favourite colour is pink, I decided to do a flower marbling using China Glaze Sweet Hook, Dance Baby and Make Some Noise.

The process:

Final outcome:


  1. Beautiful! You did an AHmazing job!

  2. omgsh yours turned out so amazing! i tried this out with my cousins and we only got a couple of nice designs and all the other ones were a complete fail haha

  3. Thank you. keep practising! I'm going to help her do a shoelace design today. hope it turns out good.